The Laura 'n' Order Photo Gallery

Having shown consistent, determined and repeated enthusiasm, my parents were thankfully finally persuaded to bless me with a much appreciated (and soon after much used), thirty five mm SLR camera as a gift for my tenth Christmas and I’ve been contentedly clicking away ever since.

Enjoying the taking of photos and being in them, with the added benefit now of digital immediacy, they’re my favourite medium for documenting the everyday opportunities to capture both great and small special events.

Deriving much pleasure and comfort myself from revisiting, savouring and contemplating the joys preserved within these unique moments in a lifetime images, I was thrilled when the opportunity through my husband’s technical talent presented itself to share a selection with you.

Choosing themed presentations reflecting our interaction with the seasons, my considered opinion was to leave the display anonymous; a picture paints a thousand words, deciding captions may detract from the atmosphere generated. However I’d be delighted to provide details for any of the shots you may desire more information on, please contact me with your comment. Hoping this visit to my gallery is a pleasurable excursion.

Seasons photo album