Leave John Alone, Judges Go Home

Strictly Come Dancing


They say they understand our vote
And then just take another poke.
Those judges waiting in their lair
To boot out John, it’s so unfair.

In this family entertainment show
Everyone’s encouraged to have a go.
“Oh the hypocrisy”, I cry
And I’ll tell the reason why;

Where’s the level playing field?
Youth like a sword the others wield
Over John who cannot meet
The physicality they have to compete.

Our only silver haired contender
Is treated like the great pretender.
He’s there with the best in hours training
Yet still the judges keep complaining.

Exuding charisma and personality
Exactly what we viewers like to see.
Eyes a sparkle and gentleness
Attributes that do so impress.

Wit and humour combine to win
Our hearts and his delightful grin.
Disarmingly charming as they dance
Kristina and John simply entrance.

Long life’s a common aspiration
But look at the judge’s evaluation.
Like The U.K’s hopes of Eurovision winning
They would have dashed John’s in the beginning.

Without sporting rules of handicap,
The public vote, to combat
Ageism and prejudice employed,
By judges when they get annoyed.

Polite mild manners put to shame
And beat the judges at their game.
Now is the time and this is the place
To meet their own, “Quantum of Solace”.

The more we hear those moans and groans
The more the public pick up their phones
And long after this series has gone
People will still remember John.

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