KLD in the city

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Armistice centenary, RAF centenary and supercentenarians!

Along with nearly 250,000 other under 18’s, 12 year old Sydney Lewis, being the youngest authenticated British soldier in WWI, (fighting at the Battle of the Somme), both my own and my husband’s respective maternal grandfathers, we know, as teenagers, also fought. My late mother would regularly recall how unnerving and alarming, as a child, she found the sound of … Read More

Dressing up for Hallowe’en!

Laura with Patch the Pumpkin landscape

As long as I can remember I’ve always enjoyed dressing up, any occasion or party really floats my creative boat! Around the age of five, at a friends house, I vividly recollect excitedly exploring the expanse of a big “dress up drawer”, pulled out from the bottom of her mum’s heavy old oak wardrobe. Since then, it’s been a delight … Read More

KLD in the city – Flu

After a long first week of Flu, feeling understandably fatigued after suffering innumerable methods of affliction hurled uninvited upon my body, being on my feet was the last thing I wanted. However determined to make a concerted effort at some recently neglected thorough oral hygiene, through bleary congested eyes I observed with sorrow how swollen the poor and pale reflection … Read More

Leave John Alone, Judges Go Home

Strictly Come Dancing

  They say they understand our vote And then just take another poke. Those judges waiting in their lair To boot out John, it’s so unfair. In this family entertainment show Everyone’s encouraged to have a go. “Oh the hypocrisy”, I cry And I’ll tell the reason why; Where’s the level playing field? Youth like a sword the others wield … Read More