KLD in the city – Flu

After a long first week of Flu, feeling understandably fatigued after suffering innumerable methods of affliction hurled uninvited upon my body, being on my feet was the last thing I wanted. However determined to make a concerted effort at some recently neglected thorough oral hygiene, through bleary congested eyes I observed with sorrow how swollen the poor and pale reflection peering before me from the bathroom mirror appeared! Considering my current condition of ill health, my swelled features warranted little concern compared with the complaining pain my glands and sinuses were continuously reporting to me, remaining stubbornly inconsolable even after maxing out on surprisingly otherwise relieving Lemsip! A preferred remedy of my favourite aunt I was testing for the first time, having thankfully saved a new and unused box gleaned from amongst her meagre possessions, upon clearing her estate after an unexpected and untimely death. My brain though, possibly effected by the blur of insomnia induced by all the coughing and physical discomfort, became disturbingly fixated upon my puffy face. To alleviate it’s torturously nagging voice of anxiety I decided when I had the next burst of energy to weigh myself, thus putting my mind at ease, after all I’m sick how do I expect to look? Standing a miserable and dishevelled wretch, undressed atop the scales I gazed in confounded horror and disbelief, how, when I was so ill, could I have possibly gained half a stone! In a week! Double jeopardy! My poor throat, so agonisingly sore, had discouraged me from eating and the only extra food I’d consumed was a mere nocturnal bowl of cereal, feeling a little hungry on account of being kept up all night by this confounded virus! Absolutely unbelievable!

After the dissipation of the initial shock I reflected upon the week’s inactivity, either lying or sitting as a contributory factor and during the second week vowed war against this unfair and unwelcome excess baggage! Responding to my dear husbands caring concerns rose upon seeing my diminished portions at meal times combined with current ill health with, “I’m not messing about, and if it gets comfortable (referring to the extra weight) it’ll think it’s staying!”

Now beginning week three, congested, head aching, intermittent voice loss and particularly affecting my hearing (“pardon, I can’t hear, will you please speak up!”), with energy levels and accompanying enthusiasm I’m pleased to say having returned once again  I tentatively mounted the scales for a damage check. Oh the relief, the reading settled close to where it used to be too! There’s hope of much appreciated normal (“what’s normal?”), services resuming soon!

Now to play that amusing game of catch up and crack on with the pleasurable Christmas preparations that I’m so fond of whilst there’s still time.

“I say, the games a foot, or is that twelve inches, no twelve days of Christmas…”

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